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Building Customer Engagement:

How Enterprise Marketers, Developers, and Product Teams Can Grow Revenue With Transactional Emails

Enterprise organizations struggle with a transactional email creation and revision process that is highly inefficient and excessively complex. In this white paper, we explore the causes of those challenges, as well as provide actionable suggestions for resolving them.

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Transactional Email:

Capitalizing on Missed Opportunities

In this Forrester report, The Next Chapter For Email Marketing, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Shar VanBoskirk identifies opportunities for moving email marketing beyond digital versions of print ads and circulars, encouraging marketers to develop email as an integral component of the customer journey.

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How to Engage Customers and Deepen Relationships

What Startups Can Teach Enterprise About Transactional Email

Enterprise marketers need a serious wake up call regarding the creation of transactional and triggered email experiences that will help them realize the full revenue potential of their most important customers — those they’ve already won.

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Driving Growth Through Customer Relationship Marketing

Gaining Traction With Every Digital Interaction

Sendwithus, in partnership with the CMO Council, surveyed almost 200 Enterprise marketing leaders on the importance of customer relationship marketing.

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Next Generation Email Content Management

An Enterprise Guide to 21st Century Email Content Creation

Our white paper outlines both the challenges and solutions related to the Enterprise push toward centralizing security and accountability for transactional email content and streamlining email creation, approval, and publishing processes.

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Marketing for Consent

How to Make GDPR Compliance Work for You

92% of marketers say they’re concerned about the need to comply with the GDPR. But can compliance be a good thing? Read our white paper to find out why we believe it can, including tips on how you can make it work for you.

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Enterprise Project Management Survey

Find out what 400+ Enterprise project managers had to say about the tasks and issues they find most challenging in relation to project management around email services.

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Helping Developers & Marketers Find Middle Ground on Transactional Email

In this recorded webinar, discover how combining Mailgun with Dyspatch can help marketers and developers streamline collaboration on transactional email workflows.

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Reach Customer Inboxes and Drive Revenue:

How to Send Extraordinary Transactional Emails that Do Both

In this recorded webinar, Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris and SMTP Marketing & Delivery Expert Wendy Griffin share their strategies for creating exceptional transactional emails that will reach your customers’ inboxes and drive revenue.

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Developing Email as the Cornerstone of the Customer Journey:

A Conversation with Featured Guest, Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk

In this recorded webinar, Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris is joined by featured guest Shar VanBoskirk, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in conversation about the state of email in today’s customer-obsessed, post-GDPR world.

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How to Engage Customers and Deepen Relationships:

What Startups Can Teach Enterprise About Transactional Email

Join Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris in a discussion about the serious wake up call Enterprise marketers need regarding the creation of exceptional transactional email experiences.

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Marketing for Consent:

How to Make GDPR Compliance Work for You

In this webinar recording, Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris and VP of Engineering Will Warren discuss the basic principles of GDPR compliance and the massive opportunity for improved customer relationships they represent. Discover how GDPR compliance can be good for both your business and your customers.

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Creating a Pre-Order Campaign that Works

Taking pre-orders for a book launch, crowdfunding campaign, or even a software beta can seem deceptively easy. What’s so difficult about collecting a few email addresses and letting people know when your product is ready? Where do we start…

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Open Source Email Templates

We work closely with our customers to build responsive templates for every email occasion. These templates are available for free through our Open Source Email Templates Project.

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How to Send Email Like a Startup

Check out our step-by-step-guide to maximizing the impact of your emails. With strategies and examples for every phase of the customer lifecycle.

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State of the Email Stack

A warm and fluffy introduction to the many layers that make up a modern, full-stack email solution.

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Bulletproof Email Components

We’ve created a library of HTML components that look great in all email clients, everytime. No more fiddling with tables and inline CSS. We provide battle-tested code snippets for some of the more common components used in email templates.

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