Transactional Email Template Management

Sendwithus helps small teams manage transactional emails outside of source code

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Centralized Template Management

Remove templates from source code to create and edit email content without relying on developers or deploying code. Learn More

Data-Driven Dynamic Content

More than just FirstName, LastName, our powerful template engine allows you to personalize with any data you have. Learn More

Keep Your Existing ESP

Sendwithus is an email template management system that works with your existing email service provider. Learn More

Simple Implementation

With Sendwithus’s powerful APIs,  you’ll always send the right email to the right person at the right time. Learn More

Need to create transactional email at scale?

Check out Dyspatch, our Enterprise-grade email production platform.

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We help leading brands craft exceptional email experiences.

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Simplify Collaboration Between Cross-Functional Teams


Create and optimize email content that is consistently on-brand, without involving developers or deploying code.
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A/B test to optimize transactional and triggered emails to improve engagement and drive growth.
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Simple API tools allow you to offload day-to-day email coding tasks so you can focus on building great products.
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Sendwithus offers flexible plans and simple pricing to suit the needs of small-medium sized businesses.

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Built for Teams

Improve team collaboration with a folder structure that allows users to work on multiple campaigns simultaneously. Take control of your workflow with user-specific access permissions, from read-only to admin. Easily manage templates and users from the in-app dashboard.

Share templates and reusable code-snippets — for elements like headers, footers, and navigation — to ensure consistent branding

Preview each email on multiple devices directly within the app, to make sure it’s pixel-perfect before sending to your customers

Go global with localization and translation support to reach international markets

Data-Driven, Personalized Emails

Target content based on user-specific data and engage customers with highly personalized emails. Not only will you send the right message to the right person at the right time, you’ll also streamline workflow management.

Trigger – Send triggered, scheduled, or impromptu email to deliver personalized messages at key points in the user journey.

Test – A/B test content and design for both transactional and marketing emails to improve engagement and increase ROI.

Analytics – Use test results to optimize email content and make the most of every interaction.