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A transactional email platform that is

Secure — Compliant — Scaleable

transactional email platform

For Teams

transactional email platform

For Marketers

transactional email platform

For Project Managers

transactional email platform

For Developers

transactional email platform

Improve security by separating your email workflow from both your codebase and customer data.

transactional email platform

Standardize legal compliance with centralized email creation, approval, and publishing workflows.

transactional email platform

Scale email production with hundreds of team workspaces, accommodating 1000+ users and 10,000+ templates.

transactional email platform

Empower collaboration by giving teams the ability to perfect email content without deploying code.

transactional email platform

Simplify the email creation process, from brief to copy, testing to approval, publishing to deployment.

For Teams:

Create Exceptional Email Experiences

Transactional email is too often treated as marketing email’s ugly step-sibling, leading to resigned acceptance of less-than-optimal performance. Shatter that way of thinking by facilitating improved collaboration and empowering non-technical users to easily create and optimize email experiences with our transactional email platform.

Easy-to-use template editor with preview built in

Folder system to centrally manage each team’s templates

Manage templates and their associated localizations within a single UI

Reusable code blocks to easily share common elements between templates

Built-in previews and device testing

Approval and publishing workflows

As a developer, I hated making code changes for every minor email update. Now I define the data for a template once, and then another team can edit the actual content, as much and as often as they want, without my help.

Developer, Technology Company

For Marketers:

Harness the Untapped Potential of Transactional Email

Marketers are often frustrated by the disconnect that happens when transactional email is difficult — if not impossible — to update and test. That disconnect results in brand inconsistencies, lost revenue, and dissatisfied customers. Leverage the missed opportunity transactional emails represent by moving them under the larger Customer Experience umbrella.

Manage transactional and triggered email content within a single platform

Update email content without involving developers or deploying code

Optimize every touchpoint in the customer journey

Maintain brand consistency across all email, even if you’re working in a distributed marketing model

Premium Template Support

Pre-send checklists

What used to be 44 random, hard-coded emails, scattered throughout the system, has been reduced to 15 templates. We can edit text and publish new versions without a sprint!

System Administrator, Financial Services Company

For Project Managers/Administrators:

Centralize Email Expertise

Project managers and administrators accountable for brand consistency, reputation management, and legal compliance know that when responsibility for transactional email is spread across multiple teams, the potential for error and inconsistency is high. Our transactional email platform eliminates both by centralizing management for thousands of end-users, templates, and associated assets across hundreds of teams.

Centralized email content accountability

Team workspaces and user-level permissions

Enterprise-level SSO

Template revision history and rollback

Consistent legal compliance and brand governance

Standardized email approval and publishing processes

An excellent UX, user roles also help to keep things safe.

Marketing Operations Executive, Internet Company

For Developers:

Simple Implementation

Updating transactional email content can be a drain on developers’ time and effort, one that is often considered a distraction from higher priorities. Focus that effort up-front to implement robust API tools that will allow non-technical users to manage email content in real-time, minimizing dependence on developers going forward.

Customizable to integrate with an ESP or your internal digital messaging service

QA before publishing with built-in device previews and test sends

Access support engineers for customized implementation

Advanced template API

Developer tools and environments

Standard and premium SLAs

The API integration is very smooth, and provides appropriate testing tools. Great developer experience…Template changes can be handled with a minimum of interaction with the development team.

Developer, Financial Services Company

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