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The Dyspatch Visual Editor

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Create more engaging emails without writing any code

Engaging Emails, Fast

Your Marketing team needs to focus on precise segmentation and creating great user experiences, writing the most impactful subject line, and copy for each email. By removing technical limitations and giving you quick testing and previews, your team can concentrate on experimenting with new ideas or run multiple campaigns in parallel.

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The Dyspatch Visual Editor

Cutting Edge interactive email design

Send your customers modern interactive email experiences with built in fallbacks. Dyspatch empowers you to drive engagement with AMP-ready emails. Embed video previews, carousels, forms, accordions, and more. Make your vision a reality in our email builder without writing a single line of code!


How to build a better modular email workflow

The second of three part webinar series, our “How to build a better modular email workflow” webinar will share actionable insights about how using modular design for email creation can streamline your email production workflow, getting better emails to your customers faster.

Export your email templates

Send with Confidence

Before you send, you can use our email builder to review your template with every device, OS, and provider. We’ve paired up with Litmus, the leading device preview provider in the industry.

What’s more, Dyspatch seamlessly integrates with your current ESP, and also has a powerful API to export your templates. It’s easy to export your interactive email templates to Salesforce, Cheetahmail, Pardot, Oracle Responsys, Handlebars, & more.

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