Create and Change Transactional Email Faster

Transactional and triggered email experiences are rarely described as extraordinary. But that’s exactly what your customers expect.

Dyspatch will help you deliver compelling email content on a global scale, to realize the full potential of system-generated email to amaze your customers, inspire loyalty, and accelerate growth.

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How Dyspatch Can Help Your Business

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A Workflow that Works

The Dyspatch visual editor streamlines email creation and revision, empowering teams to build emails in minutes and measure time-to-market in days. Learn More

Improve Security While Simplifying Your Email Creation Process

Dyspatch is an email production platform that sits outside the ‘critical path’ of email, independent of your code base, deployment process, and customer data, helping to preserve the integrity of all three. Learn More

Does this Sound Like Your Organization?

Dyspatch will fix email creation processes, some of which you may not even realize are broken. Inconsistent branding? Fixed. Localizations managed by spreadsheet? Fixed. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn More

Our Clients

The API integration is very smooth, and provides appropriate testing tools. Great developer experience… Template changes can be handled with a minimum of interaction with the development team.

Developer, Financial Services Company

What used to be 44 random, hard-coded emails, scattered throughout the system, has been reduced to 15 templates. We can edit text and publish new versions without a sprint!

System Administrator, Technology Company

Customer support is amazing. Prompt and knowledgeable whenever I needed them.

Marketing Operations Executive, Internet Company

As a developer, I hated making code changes for every minor email update. Now I define the data for a template once, and then another team can edit the actual content, as much and as often as they want, without my help.

Developer, Technology Company


Discover the Dyspatch Visual Editor

Our 2-page overview outlines how the Dyspatch visual editor helps users of all skill levels create powerful emails in minutes.

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