Dyspatch Premium Support

Business-critical email deserves enhanced support

Maximize your ROI with priority access to Dyspatch experts dedicated to your success.

But we’re not only Dyspatch experts, we’re email experts, helping some of the world’s largest brands build best-in-class email solutions.

Now that expertise is available to you.

Who’s included:

Our team of experts will, with your permission, actively monitor your email templates to proactively offer best-practice recommendations.

Why wait for something to go wrong when you can have a team of email experts in your corner, without adding headcount?

You’ll get access to:

  • A dedicated Account Manager to drive your strategy with the Dyspatch team and facilitate access to internal resources
  • A dedicated Customer Success Engineer who will provide advanced technical and integration support, customized to your business needs
  • A Product Expert to provide personalized solutions for using the Dyspatch platform, as well as offer guidance and collect feedback on new and upcoming features

What’s included:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss any open support tickets, questions regarding your integration, and industry best practices
  • Onboarding support to provide template import assistance, workflow guidance, user provisioning advice, and more
  • Template and template management assistance with designing emails using HTML and the Dyspatch templating language, as well as strategies for managing snippets, teams, and localizations effectively
  • Integration support for real-time troubleshooting and planning sessions with Dyspatch support engineers, including code samples and limited code reviews as needed
  • Designated support contacts (up to four) from your company who are authorized to work directly with Dyspatch support experts to resolve any issues
  • Priority Support:

24×7 Availability Monitoring — Proactive system monitoring to ensure availability and performance, including email notification of any issue impacting the availability of Dyspatch services

24x7x365 Support for Severity 1 Issues — Tickets can be submitted at any time for Severity 1 issues (service down/unavailable)

8×5 Live Chat — Live chat is available from 09:00 – 17:00 PT, Monday through Friday, excluding local holidays

Contact us for further information.