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Employee Testimonials

Dyspatch is a fun and fulfilling place to work. I enjoy coming in every morning because of the people and atmosphere.

Colin, Acceleration Development Manager

Not only can I participate in creating events to help build the tech community of Victoria, but I also work with a team of smart and caring people who value my work, thoughts, and feedback. Dyspatch also prioritises inclusion, which was a necessity for me.

Aileen, Customer Success Associate

The whole team has the perseverance to tackle hard problems and it’s been ingrained in the culture since day zero. What keeps me coming into work every day is knowing that Dyspatch is trying to make a difference for technology in BC, and Canada.

Brandon, QA Developer

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Internal transparency is more than just sharing information and giving access to company financials. It is about meaningful conversations and input into how the company grows and evolves. These conversations take place in our daily standups, company wide roadmaps, monthly all hands and anonymous founder Q&A. Everyone is trusted to use this information to make impactful decisions and drive innovation, regardless of their title or role.

Dream Big

We like solving hard problems and we strive to be the very best in everything we do. Even though we’re a small team, we firmly believe that truly anything is possible. We celebrate wins as they come and learn from our failures in order to focus hard on what’s next. From marketing to sales, engineering to customer success, we’re always working together to build something bigger than ourselves.

Care Deeply

“We care deeply” is a mantra you will hear around the office often. We care about the customers we build relationships with, we care about the products and software we create, and we care about lifting each other up to be better versions of ourselves.

Diversity is Strength

Diverse and inclusive teams build great companies because diversity is key to innovation. We constantly strive to be better, to be more inclusive, and to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. As we grow our team we take diversity and inclusion seriously by encouraging open conversations, safe and respectful feedback, and fostering a mindset of continual growth and learning.

Give Back

We love and support the communities we belong to. We build, organize, and support local events, we open our offices to those that need it, and we give back regularly through community volunteer initiatives. We firmly believe that growing the communities around us is equally important to growing our business, and that by doing so we only get stronger.

Embrace our Failures

Failure is learning, and learning is growth. Everyone experiences failure, at all levels of the company, and we encourage everyone to discuss it openly and share their experiences. By celebrating our failures as a team, we can grow together and learn from our mistakes faster.


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