When Brad and I started Sendwithus in 2013, we had no idea how much could be accomplished in three short years. We set out with a simple premise that the way companies incorporated email into their product experience was broken, and that we could fix it.

Looking back, Brad and I are humbled by the accomplishments of the Sendwithus team. Participating in YCombinator’s Winter ‘14 batch, seeing our customers do amazing things with our platform, and launching our guide on “How to Send Email Like a Startup”. This month we’re stoked to announce that Sendwithus is now in the top 400 email senders globally by volume. Wow.

Brad and I definitely could not have done this alone. We’re honored by the amazing team that has joined us in building Sendwithus. Our team, split across our offices in San Francisco and Victoria, Canada, has been invaluable in building the product and business that Sendwithus is today. Without the support of our team, we would not have values like “education”, “transparency”, and “customer success”. From both Brad and I, thank you.

An extension of our team are the investors who have supported Sendwithus with their capital, but more importantly, their advice and time. Their belief in the Sendwithus mission has been an incredible support.

The most important part of our success has been our customers, whom we love. I have never seen a team as excited about what their customers are doing than at Sendwithus. Without our customers’ constant curiosity about email and the ways to accomplish different goals, Sendwithus would not exist. Customers drive everything we do at Sendwithus: from new feature development, giving old things a facelift, to the posts we put on this blog. We love to celebrate our customers and their “wins”, and to enable them to build crazy new experiences. From the entire Sendwithus team, thank you.

We’ve reached an exciting time at Sendwithus, with global customers ranging from household names like Intuit and Zillow, to 2 person startups. Sendwithus is a leader in the email industry, and we’re here to stay. As we continue to grow, our mission remains the same: to revolutionize how companies build great user experiences and delight their customers.