Sendwithus customers are amazing. We launched over a year ago and in that time we’ve met so many amazing marketers who wanted to take control of their transactional email.

When you want to manage email templates outside of source code, we’ve got you covered with the best templating solution available. Bells and whistles like A/B Testing, Drip Campaigns and Segmentation are baked right in. But what if a customer wanted to send email with Postmark? Unfortunately, it wasn’t available.

Until now.


We’re excited to announce a new partnership and integration with Postmark, allowing you to use your existing (or new!) Postmark account as a delivery backend in Sendwithus.

You can learn more on Postmark’s blog here or check out our nifty help article here.

With this new partnership, Postmark users can get access to all of the Sendwithus features, including but not limited to:

  • Awesome responsive HTML email templates
  • Code-free template editor
  • Template and Customer specific Analytics
  • Email Segmentation

Still not convinced? With the recent launch of Postmark’s open-tracking, you can use Sendwithus to A/B test one of your transactional emails to increase open rates.

Time to get yourself a Sendwithus account, if you don’t have one already: