In 2016, we first launched our Open Source Email Templates – email templates built by experts at ZURB, EmailMonks, and by our team here at Dyspatch. These email templates were proven to be responsive and gave multiple variations to cover a wide range of use cases, from purchase receipts to event emails. What made our Email Templates project unique was that it was all publicly available on Github, community-driven, and we tested (via our partners at Litmus) every template.

The Playground

Today, the team here at Dyspatch is very excited to announce a major overhaul to this project with the launch of our Email Template Playground. The biggest challenge with our original Open Source Email Templates was that they still required an HTML engineer or developer in order to be used. In addition, sometimes simple modifications to the structure could cause them to no longer work on mobile devices, which copy/paste errors would exasperate. Now, in the Email Template Playground, you’re able to leverage the Open Source Email Templates with a drag and drop email builder, change the template’s text, images, links, and formatting, then export the HTML to send the email. Best of all, all of this is provided for free, with no login or account requirements.

New and Improved Open Source Templates – Free, No Registration Required

If you’ve heard about modular email design before but never had a chance to experience it, you’re in for a treat. In the Email Template Playground, we broke down each of our email templates into customizable modules for use in the drag and drop builder. We’ve done the heavy lifting of ensuring that every email template built in the Playground will be responsive and mobile-friendly. To learn more about modular email design, continue reading after the main link below, or check out our recent webinar series.

New Email Templates

As part of this launch, we’re also releasing a completely new email template called Lifestyle, built by one of our amazing designers here at Dyspatch, Steven. In Steven’s words, “Lifestyle is a minimal in-house built email template designed to feature large product shots and bold typography.” You can check out the Lifestyle HTML Email Template here.

If you’re just here for the Open Source HTML Email Templates, click this link and check out the Email Template Playground.

Announcing DML – Simplified Email HTML

Today, I’m also thrilled to introduce the Dyspatch Markup Language (or “DML” as we call it ‘round these parts). DML is a new technology we developed at Dyspatch so that we could make email creation easier for everyone. It’s used in the new Email Template Playground, as well as on the Dyspatch platform. 

DML makes the process of creating emails easier because it simplifies writing email HTML. With DML, a designer creates email modules with very little code. Those modules are customized in our Dyspatch Visual Editor, and the resulting email is guaranteed to be fully responsive (read: mobile friendly) without any additional work or coding.

DML contains some pretty exciting technology and has the potential to really change how folks build and interact with email. If you’ve been following our recent posts on Interactive Email and AMP4Email, DML makes leveraging interactive email extremely easy, even cross-device! 

The Path to Making DML Open Source

What I’m most excited to announce today is that we’re committed to releasing DML as completely open-source. Creating email templates with plain HTML is already demanding enough and most HTML-based visual editors still have a lot of limitations. Making an important technology like DML freely available is important to our core mission here at Dyspatch of making email easy for everyone. Stay tuned for more news on this front.

The Open Source Email Templates Playground is Free

Finally, you may be curious about the core Dyspatch product and why we’re releasing the Email Template Playground for free. Dyspatch is a visual Email Production Platform, where your team can leverage bespoke email modules to create, comment, and collaborate on any kind of email template. Dyspatch doesn’t send your email, once the template has been device tested and approved in the platform, we support exports or integrations with most popular Email Service Providers (ESPs) such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, or transactional ESPs like SendGrid. Offering everyone a chance to build emails in the Playground for free is important to our core mission here at Dyspatch of making email easy for everyone.

To learn more about Dyspatch you can try Dyspatch for free or get a custom demo of the platform.