The Dyspatch Visual Editor

Create powerful, responsive emails in minutes

The Dyspatch visual editor allows users of all skill levels to create great emails in minutes, by assembling pre-coded, pre-approved content blocks.

Marketers, developers, product managers — any user who needs to create and change emails quickly can do so without writing or editing HTML

Create impactful emails in minutes and measure time-to-market in days, not months

Developers and designers can rest easy knowing that the integrity of their code will be preserved — from creation to approval, testing to publishing

Content blocks are pre-approved by relevant stakeholders, ensuring consistency in branding and Legal compliance

Content within the blocks, such as text, images, links, and localizations, can be modified without writing HTML

The visual editor is a complement to Dyspatch’s powerful code editors, where users who want to write HTML can create content blocks and templates, including complex, dynamic content.

Any user, regardless of coding expertise, can then assemble those blocks, stacking them vertically in the easy-to-use drag-&-drop editor, to create powerful, responsive emails.

Pre-Approved Content Blocks Establish Consistency

Each team with a stake in transactional and triggered email maintains ownership of the blocks that power their campaigns, and for which they’re accountable. For example:

Marketing teams can control brand elements, like logos, headers, copy, and color palettes, in addition to revenue-generating content, such as cross- and upsell offers

Product teams can take ownership of CTAs, product information, and data elements, ensuring exceptional customer experiences

Legal teams can take ownership of legal content, including unsubscribe footers, to maintain compliance across the organization

And Engineering can take ownership of the code that powers it all, secure in the knowledge that while anyone can create or edit emails in the visual editor, only those users who have been granted the right permissions have access to write or edit code.

The visual editor maintains the same great features as the code editor, including versioning, built-in device testing, and localization support.

Questions about Dyspatch?

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