We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dyspatch by Sendwithus, our new, GDPR-compliant, Enterprise-level email content management platform. 

Dyspatch establishes a standardized email creation workflow, from building to testing, approval to publishing, that can be implemented across multiple teams, departments, and business units. With Enterprise-level security and user provisioning features, Dyspatch allows project managers and administrators to securely manage thousands of end-users, templates, and associated assets.

The platform’s easy-to-use template editor and reusable code blocks (or ‘snippets’) allow non-technical end users to edit content without involving developers or deploying code. And by moving transactional email content out of the code base, marketers can better manage brand consistency while leveraging the often-missed opportunity these important customer touch points represent.

Early Enterprise customers have used Dyspatch to reduce the time required to create or revise transactional email from several weeks to a few hours, allowing them to efficiently and continuously optimize existing content in addition to implementing new triggered emails where none existed before. Dyspatch also helped another customer reduce the complexity of their email templates by 90%, with a reduction in one example from 800 lines of code to 80. That reduced complexity makes it much easier for users responsible for email content to focus on the message without being distracted by the container.

Dyspatch helps Enterprise organizations:

  • Improve security by separating email workflow from both your codebase and customer data
  • Standardize legal compliance with centralized email creation, approval, and publishing workflows
  • Scale email production with hundreds of team workspaces, accommodating 1000+ users and 10,000+ templates
  • Empower collaboration by giving teams the ability to perfect email content without deploying code
  • Simplify the email creation process, from brief to copy, testing to approval, publishing to deployment