What Is An Interactive Email?

An interactive email is a format designed to incorporate engaging content that fulfills the purpose of connecting with your audience and providing information in a dynamic manner. With a wide selection of templates interactive emails, or AMP-ready emails, reflect visually stimulating content that features an engaging interface which creates a more advanced experience for your readers. Interactive emails are designed to present dynamic content within its format without having to send readers to open new browsers by clicking links through their inbox. In a highly competitive market where email marketing is not fading anytime soon, interactive emails are the latest trend that promises to engage more readers with their inboxes.

What Is The Purpose Of An Interactive Email?

Email marketing has proven that it’s only gaining strength so it’s clear that in order for businesses to make a lasting impression, or increase reader responsiveness, they’re going to have to think outside the box and deliver a fresh perspective to the classic email plain text template. Instead of sending information the standard way, interactive emails allow you to speak directly to your audience and invite them to play a role in that messaging process. Email marketers can now infuse much of the entertaining content that their audience already engages with through other popular social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms have developed a very popular form of entertainment known as “meme culture” where short videos, photos and graphics are used, and altered, to ultimately be presented as modes of information. Through interactive emails, your business can now include these visually engaging pieces to fit their brand’s aesthetic and communication purpose. Not only do these types of emails engage your audience, they also allow a chance for your information to align with the latest topics and trends that connect to your audience on various levels. 

Beneficial Features of Interactive Email 

By featuring interactive content through email templates, businesses will be able to powerfully engage with their audience. Here are some benefits of incorporating interactive emails:

Easy Call to Action: Depending on your objective, it’s important to provide your readers with a clear purpose in your emails. If there is an action that you wish readers to take, whether it be subscribing, taking a poll, or responding to attend an event, an interactive element placed in the email can magnify that purpose for the reader and make it easier for them to take that action step. Make sure to position your call-to-action in a visibly high and central location in the email.

Quick Conversions: For any business, interactive emails can be used for absolutely any purpose. If designed properly, you can be able to position your call-to-action and objective in an appealing format that engages the user to complete said action in the same place. This will not only increase your chances of seeing a response from your receiver, but it makes it absolutely convenient for your reader to engage with any request you position to them. Thus providing a quick and convenient conversion. 

Implementing Dynamic Content: With an interactive email, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the type of content that you will able to implement. You can place moving images such as GIFS, photo carousels, videos, dynamic elements and graphics. Depending on the purpose of your email templates, you have the opportunity to first and foremost draft the way in which you grab your audience’s attention, and then begin to follow that engaging content by the call-to-action. What’s even better is, you’re able to create a shortcut to your main objective and include any direct radio or option buttons that seeks to accomplish your key objective right there in the email. 

Tips for Building Interactive Emails

While there is a lot that you can do with your interactive email, it’s important to also know not to overdue it. You want to engage your users but as each business, and each target audience, differs you have to define how your content will best utilize interactive emails that will effectively enhance your overall engagement and email responsiveness. Here are some things to remember as you begin constructing those interactive emails:

  • Create clear messages 
  • Specify a call to action
  • Test interactive emails on various platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet) to ensure compatibility 
  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Dynamic elements relate to purpose of email 

Popular Elements To Include In Interactive Emails 

Rollover Effect: The hover effect that a cursor has over an image can be utilized in many different ways. One of the most common elements included in an interactive email is the rollover effect. Let’s say a question prompts the reader to try and hover over a grid of images in hopes to uncover a hidden message of some sort. This is a great example of a gamification method that creates a simple, yet engaging, challenge out of the content you’re presenting. 

Surveys: One of the most difficult tasks to ask your audience is to take a survey. It could be quick and simple but the extra effort it takes to click links to go to that survey allows for the burden it carries to be further dramatized. Instead, you can set up a survey directly in the email template. This eliminates any hassle to click through to external browsers or enter a web address. An in-email survey can greatly increase responsiveness from readers. 

Buttons: Never underestimate the power of a button. Much like a good call-to-action, a button can prompt your readers to easily complete the objective that you’ve set out for them in the email. It can be the complete focus of your email which can be efficiently conveyed to your readers.   

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