Mailgun and Dyspatch teamed up to present this webinar, where you’ll discover how combining Mailgun with Dyspatch can help marketers and developers streamline collaboration on transactional email workflows.

Learn how Dypatch adds a front-end, user interface that allows your marketers to create and change transactional emails fast, while maintaining Mailgun’s robust email architecture to keep your developers happy.

Listen in as Dyspatch CEO and co-founder Matt Harris, Mailgun Sales Engineer Michael Kane, and Mailgun Product Marketing Specialist Elena Aguirre-Guidet discuss how Dyspatch and Mailgun combined can:

  • Integrate with your existing architecture via robust API tools, available in a variety of languages
  • Improve efficiency through seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows
  • Increase agility and innovation by empowering non-technical team members to create and change email faster, with device testing and approval processes built-in
  • Improve the customer experience by allowing for continuous email content optimization


Mailgun + Dyspatch: Helping Developers and Marketers Find Middle Ground on Transactional Email