In this recorded webinar, Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris is joined by featured guest Shar VanBoskirk, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in conversation about the state of email in today’s customer-obsessed, post-GDPR world.

In this must-see webinar, Matt and Shar discuss the key role email plays in the entire customer lifecycle, looking well beyond promotional blasts. Shar and Matt also offer their best advice on how to evolve your email programs so you can create and change content faster, fueling innovation in what, for many, has become a stagnant channel.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • How email is an opportunity to create product and brand experiences that generate repeat business, inspire loyalty, and drive revenue
  • How GDPR compliance is impacting top-of-funnel email marketing and surfacing the importance of transactional and triggered email in driving growth
  • Why CMOs need to prioritize existing customers by championing innovation in post-purchase and post-signup email programs
  • How facilitating collaboration between the cross-functional teams responsible for transactional and triggered email can fuel that very innovation

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with The Next Chapter For Email Marketing. In this Forrester report, Shar VanBoskirk identifies opportunities for moving email marketing beyond digital versions of print ads and circulars, encouraging marketers to develop email as an integral component of the customer journey.

With an additional introduction that includes expert commentary from Dyspatch, you’ll discover how Forrester’s insights into email as a customer-centric marketing opportunity apply equally to transactional and triggered emails. Learn how these critical but often forgotten communications can drive revenue and foster brand engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Forrester Report