Transactional Email: Capitalizing on Missed Opportunities

In this Forrester report, The Next Chapter For Email Marketing, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Shar VanBoskirk identifies opportunities for Enterprise organizations to move email marketing beyond digital versions of print ads and circulars, encouraging marketers to develop email as an integral component of the customer journey.

With an additional introduction that includes expert commentary from Dyspatch, you’ll discover how Forrester’s insights into email as a customer-centric marketing opportunity apply equally to transactional and triggered emails. Learn how these critical but often forgotten communications can drive revenue and foster brand engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Key Insights for the Enterprise

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How and why your ‘good enough’ email program is costing you market share

Why email is evolving away from offer-focused email campaigns and towards customer-driven marketing

The importance of transactional email in increasing lifetime value and inspiring brand loyalty

The future of email as a contextual, digital experience

“Email marketing was born to nurture customer relationships, but for most marketers today, it does little more than pitch one-off promotions to drive short-term sales.”

– The Next Chapter For Email Marketing, October 2017,  Forrester Research

About the author of this report:

Shar VanBoskirk
VP, Principal Analyst @ Forrester

Shar helps CMOs lead customer-obsessed strategies at their firms while also transforming their marketing functions to deliver brand experiences that are relevant to empowered customers. Her specific research focuses on marketing strategy, budgets, staffing, organization, and creating an operating model for customer obsession.

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