Earlier this week, we teamed up with our friends at Mailgun to host a Webinar for a group of newbies looking to take their Mailgun game to the next level. We introduced them to the Sendwithus platform (including a demo), talked thru a few transactional email wins and fails, and learned how to identify a dreaded Dead End email.

If this sounds like something you’re sad to have missed, you’re in luck because we recorded the demo!

Demo Highlights:

  • Activate your Sendwithus account and set up an email template
  • Fire off an email through a short code example
  • Set up drip campaigns to follow up with prospects and customers
  • A/B test your emails to better optimize your email templates
  • Preview your emails across different devices using Litmus

Slides available here:

Tech Stack: One Size Fits None

If this webinar was helpful to you, you might be interested in a talk our own CEO Matt Harris and Dan Buckstaff, VP of Marketing at Jetlore, had about how personalized recommendations can improve email engagement, as well as strategies to optimize your marketing stack with the best tech available.