You may think that adding an Interactive Image Carousel to your email template would take a lot of time or require a developer.

Our vision for Dyspatch is to make adding complex elements to emails, like carousels, quick and easy. We want you to be able to create great, responsive emails without having to write any code. Sounds pretty great, right?

It’s actually pretty easy to add a carousel to your emails

We’ve made it as simple as dragging a pre-made carousel into your email template in Dyspatch’s visual editor. All you have to do is choose your images, specify the destination links, and put in your alt text (to ensure you score highly on accessibility). In a few minutes, you can have a carousel in your template that can serve myriad use cases, from product recommendations to related articles (the possibilities are almost endless). Using images in your emails this way can generate more engagement from your audience.

Check out our short “How To” video highlight exactly how easy this is in Dyspatch (spoiler: no code required)!

Not sure if image carousels are right for your email campaigns or your audience? Interactive emails can have a stunning impact on engagement and image carousels, in particular, are one of the most widely supported interaction. (For more on that, check out our post explaining the ins and outs of interactive email, and what you need to do to get started). One of the main takeaways is that interactive email templates can increase click-through rates by 73%, according to Martech Advisor.

Carousels are supported by most devices and email providers

So what kind of devices are supported by techniques like this? The main providers you may have issues with are Outlook and Yahoo Mail. Other than that, most other inbox providers (Gmail, Apple Mail, iPhone) all support interactive carousels. Using Dyspatch, you’ll be able to provide this highly engagement technique and guarantee your Outlook and Yahoo Mail customers still receive a great looking email. Before sending your email, you’ll have the option to preview the carousel in multiple device and provider configurations, ensuring you can send with confidence.

Your emails will still be responsive

One more common question regarding image carousels is whether or not they are responsive. It’s commonly accepted these days that as great email marketers we must guarantee that our emails provide an excellent experience on mobile and on desktop. This is no exception. If you’re building your email with a different platform, you’ll need to separately test to ensure your builder is ensuring responsiveness for you. But image carousels and interactive emails built-in Dyspatch are responsive by default, since that’s a primary feature of the platform. 

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You can also check out our Dyspatch Docs for more helpful hints about how to build carousels, including use cases you may not have thought of!