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What is the Open Source Template Project?

The Sendwithus Open Source Template Project is a collection of free email templates created and managed by the Sendwithus team and community. Anyone may contribute new themes and templates, or make impactful updates to the existing ones.

Why was it created?

Great email templates are really hard to create. Every email client renders email differently, and none of them support modern HTML or CSS. It’s akin to coding websites during the 1990’s, and nobody wants to relive that pain.

We’ve helped thousands of Sendwithus customers produce high quality email templates by making them responsive and multi-client compatible. We want to share our expertise and knowledge with everyone, and help programmers and marketers send great looking emails without the pain of HTML.

What can I do with the templates?

All the email templates featured on our site are open-source. That means they’re yours! You can add to them, edit them, change them in any way. You can import them into your Sendwithus Dashboard to start using them now, you can share them with your friends, or you can download them for later. It’s up to you!

How do I use these templates with Sendwithus?

Easy! Download the template style you would like to use. Now, head to your Sendwithus Dashboard, click “My Templates”, then click “New Blank Template” and paste the raw HTML into the box. Now it’s yours forever!

How can I contribute?

Simple! Visit our Template Project Github to get started. All pull requests are welcome, whether you’re submitting a brand new theme or tweaking the look and feel of an existing one, send it our way. We want to see it.

Don’t have a Github account? Send your template designs directly to us at and we’ll feature them on our resources page.