Sendwithus: Startups Have Edge on Enterprises When it Comes to Optimizing Customer Engagement to Increase Revenue


Report and Webinar provide critical insights on how Startups are capitalizing on transactional email to fully leverage growth potential of existing customers


SAN FRANCISCO, CA and VICTORIA, British Columbia—July 10, 2018—Sendwithus, creators of the cloud-based email management solution Dyspatch, today shared the findings of their newest report, “How to Engage the Customer and Deepen Relationships: What Startups Can Teach Enterprise About Transactional Email.” The report and an accompanying webinar – to be held on July 18, 2018 – explore the ongoing struggle Enterprises experience around effectively leveraging transactional email content to drive growth, while Startups reap huge benefits by making these emails part of their overall marketing and customer experience strategy.

By making transactional emails look, feel, sound, and behave in ways that authentically reflect their brand — including website, brick & mortar, promotional email, and social media — startups are building deeply loyal customer bases that many Enterprise organizations still only dream of achieving. Through real-world examples, the report and webinar highlight how startups’ obsession for making every product experience amazing prioritizes the entire sales funnel/customer lifecycle — from Awareness right through Repurchase. And that includes the continuous optimization of transactional and triggered email.

Startups have surpassed their Enterprise peers specifically in:

  • Re-imagining the traditional sales funnel as a cycle in which Retention, Referral, and Repurchase are just as important as Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation
  • Subverting the status quo by viewing email as integral to the entire customer journey, rather than as primarily suited for the three ‘A’s mentioned above
  • Disrupting common wisdom by turning conventional marketing and transactional email strategies on their heads
  • Smashing departmental silos to facilitate cross-functional collaboration on these critical communications, with stakeholders from marketing, product, engineering, and IT

“Enterprise marketers need a serious wake-up call when it comes to understanding the power of transactional email experiences and the role they can play in deepening customer relationships,” said Matt Harris, co-founder and CEO of Sendwithus. “These vital, post-purchase communications represent a massive opportunity toward realizing the full revenue potential of every business’s most important customers — those they’ve already won. By examining the success startups have achieved through redefining the sales funnel as a more holistic customer lifecycle, Enterprises can begin to capitalize on the capacity of transactional email to improve the customer experience and contribute to growth in meaningful ways.”

Both the report and the webinar provide specific brand examples that capture measurable results in terms of engaging customers and deepening relationships. They also examine the direct correlation between the failure to optimize transactional email and the failure to fully leverage the growth potential of existing customers.

Download a copy of the report here and register for the webinar here.

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