Driving Growth Through Customer Relationship Marketing

Gaining Traction With Every Digital Interaction

Sendwithus, in partnership with the CMO Council, surveyed almost 200 Enterprise marketing leaders on the importance of customer relationship marketing.

A full 77% of marketing leaders surveyed are failing to realize the full revenue potential of existing customers.

The survey results reveal that failure to be the result of two primary factors:

  • A failure to effectively include transactional emails in their customer relationship marketing strategy
  • The use of  highly inefficient methods of collaboration in transactional email processes
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customer relationship marketing

Key Insights:

When asked where they’re looking to make the greatest impact for the business:

66% of respondents said optimizing customer retention and loyalty

56% said boosting cross-sell and upsell opportunities and revenue

But despite lip-service paid to improving collaboration in order to better leverage transactional emails for optimizing the customer experience, only 9% of respondents plan to implement strategies to make that happen.

customer relationship marketing

Marketing leaders know that improved collaboration will lead to improved transactional emails, which will, in turn, lead to improved customer relationships, improved retention, and increased sales.

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The Disconnect Between What Marketers Know and What They Plan to Do

The report also exposes a fact that has gone unacknowledged for far too long: marketers’ focus on acquiring and activating new customers has come at the expense of those they’ve already converted.

At their peril, marketers continue to ignore existing customers in their marketing strategies to increase sales. But building an effective customer relationship marketing strategy must include all customers, at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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customer relationship marketing

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