Matt Harris, Sendwithus CEO and Co-founder, recently joined Dan Buckstaff, VP of Marketing at Jetlore, to discuss the trend for Best in Breed tech solutions.

Marketing is difficult, so why not sign up for one of those all-in-one CRM email marketing systems? Well, that’s one way to make things “easier” – (those are air quotes, btw) – while locking yourself into a large investment of both time and money. But there are better ways to create a custom mar-tech stack that meets your specific needs.

Companies of all sizes (from startup to enterprise) are unbundling cloud software by choosing a variety of vendors to solve specific growth needs, instead of taking years to integrate and master an all-in-one system. In order to optimize ROI, businesses are choosing specialized sales and marketing tools that outperform the native functionality of an all-in-one solution – functionality that is often both inadequate and excessively complex.


  • Learn about the Best in Breed phenomenon in marketing technology
  • Examples of tech stack bundles to fit a variety of needs and goals
  • Check out how to integrate Sendwithus + Jetlore

Slides available here: