In conjunction with our friends over at ZURB, we are excited to unleash the latest template theme for our Open Source Email Template library: Meow! ZURB is known to be the best for responsive emails, due to their Foundation for Email templates framework that ensures that even with customization, your emails will look amazing on nearly any device.

Starting with that great foundation, we’ve gone the extra step of running every template through Litmus for a test drive across 40+ email clients and devices. A preview is included below:

welcome progress

The Meow theme includes 9 variations, including Welcome, Confirmation, Progress, and many more. We’re especially excited about the new digest layouts.



A digest email is a great way to consolidate several notifications or updates into one daily/weekly/biweekly/etc. email to your users. The content of these emails can be updated manually but with a little backend work, you can automate the content for each send. To see this in action, check out this previous post to learn more about how 8tracks migrated from a monthly newsletter to a personalized, weekly digest and saw a 70% increase in open rate.

The Meow email templates are included within Sendwithus or the entire package is available for download.