At Sendwithus, we believe that setting up recurring email campaigns should be a walk in the park.

This is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve automated the process for setting up and querying for recurring daily and/or weekly pitches. This complements the capabilities of Connect perfectly—a recap: Connect allows marketers to access all customer data in real-time, directly from the source, from within the email tool. By being able to effortlessly access (and thereby leverage) all of the customer data you have in your arsenal, you can create continuously evolving, sophisticated multi-dimensional segments. These segments will change as customer data changes within its natural habitat; no stale CSV imports or data transfers necessary!

Recurring email campaigns

Schedule recurring campaigns with complete ease!

The updated functionality of campaign settings, now allows marketers to simply “set and forget” highly targeted campaigns:

Easy-peezy! Just set and forget.

Easy peezy! Just set and forget.

The option to schedule any campaign on a recurring basis is presented as a secondary option when editing a campaign. In turn, analytics will be available for each dispatched recurring campaign, individually. To watch the entire demo click here.

With the stress of managing the technical execution of recurring email campaigns alleviated, marketers can allocate more time on impactful work; such as editing templates, reviewing analytics, creating persuasive content, segmenting and personalizing. Timely and superior campaigns will keep audiences both captivated and responsive, thereby driving more sales and increasing the bottom line.

Speaking of driving, let’s take a look at how a recurring campaign could be set in motion for a transportation marketplace like Lyft or Uber… Let’s say that such a ride service wants to offer a recurring bi-weekly promotion…

Time: Friday & Saturday, 10pm to 2am
Behaviour: unused credits
Demographic: geo, San Francisco

The idea is to encourage people to have a carefree night out on the town, potentially spending more than their credits, whilst avoiding inebriated driving. The time to market from inception to delivery (e.g. creating the email, creative signoff, list creation, pulling the data, and sending the email) is crucial; you want to make sure promotions are well-timed! Since marketers can now access all customer data and create queries easily from within the same email tool, the margin of error (i.e. being too late or too early) is slim.