Project Management Survey

Enterprise Project Management Survey

In this Project Management Survey, we asked over 400 Enterprise project managers about the tasks and issues they find most challenging in relation to project management around email services.

The experts weigh in on both project management basics, such as time and resource management, as well as on more complex trends, such as workflow management, regulatory compliance, brand governance, security, and more.

The Project Management Survey report provides strategic insight by highlighting statistics such as:

  • 85% of PMs who manage email consider centralizing responsibility for security and compliance very or extremely important.
  • 79% consider improving security by establishing a method of managing email content independently of deployment processes and customer data very or extremely important.
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project management survey

Learn more about specific project management challenges related to:

project management survey

Setting teams up for success by improving cross-functional collaboration on email content management, including between marketing, product, and engineering teams

project management survey

Standardizing approval, publishing, and accountability for email content, regulatory compliance, and brand governance across departments, business units, and divisions

project management survey

Simplifying email creation and revision processes to reduce dependence on developers, improve efficiency, and streamline the time from brief to deployment

49% of respondents see centralizing responsibility for brand governance and reputation management as extremely important

With multiple product and marketing teams, working in multiple departments and business units, all using their own processes to manage email creation workflows, the probability for inconsistencies to develop is high, inconsistencies that will negatively impact the customer experience. The project managers we surveyed also understand that inconsistency in security and regulatory compliance can result in much more significant and lasting damage.

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About Dyspatch:

Dyspatch is a cloud-based communications management platform that helps Enterprise organizations centralize the creation, approval, and publishing processes for transactional and triggered email. The powerful API, visual editor, and built-in device testing allow for cutting-edge email strategy and execution while helping establish consistency in both branding and legal compliance across multiple teams.