Sendwithus + Mailgun

Using Sendwithus as a front-end transforms Mailgun into a full-featured growth marketing platform.

Sendwithus allows Marketers and Product Managers to optimize emails without ongoing developer resources.


Sendwithus lets you trigger emails using a modern REST API with full support for all popular web languages. You can also set up drip campaigns for onboarding and automate follow up emails to your customers.

Optimize content

Easily use A/B testing to iterate on content, subject lines, and more. Leverage Jinja, the powerful templating language that supports looping and conditionals, and ensure your emails look fantastic on every device with built-in device testing.

Simplify workflow

Sendwithus lets you create HTML ‘snippets’ that allow you to reuse common elements such as headers, footers, CAN-SPAM info, unsubscribe links, etc. You can also host images for your HTML templates, served from a fast content delivery network.

“Sendwithus and Mailgun give me everything I need to quickly create, test and monitor every aspect of my email campaigns; from AB testing and drip campaigns, to domain performance and deliverability. Their customer service is also incredibly responsive, it’s like having an entire team of email experts in our office!”

Sofie Graham, Marketing Specialist at BuildZoom

“Sendwithus and Mailgun give us great control over transactional emails and is easily used by technical and non-technical team members alike. Our country managers are able to easily translate templates into different locale/language of each template, customizing Cambly’s message for their specific user base.”

Dorothy Li, Head of Tutor Operations at Cambly