Reach Customer Inboxes and Drive Revenue:

How to Send Extraordinary Transactional Emails that Do Both

In this recorded webinar, Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris and SMTP Marketing & Delivery Expert Wendy Griffin share their strategies for creating exceptional transactional emails that will reach your customers’ inboxes and drive revenue.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

Why deliverability matters for transactional email

The factors that impact deliverability and what you can do about them

How quality transactional email content can positively impact deliverability

Creating transactional content that fosters engagement and drives revenue

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Matt Harris is co-founder and CEO of Dyspatch by Sendwithus. He has extensive email and product expertise, acquired working with Fortune 500 clients and contracting for Government and private software companies.

Wendy Griffin is marketing and Deliverability Expert at SMTP. She is an email marketing and deliverability expert who has been helping numerous businesses perfect their email marketing strategy for close to a decade.