GDPR Marketing

Marketing for Consent:

How to Make GDPR Marketing & Compliance Work for You

Now that the May 25th, 2018, deadline has come and gone, you’ve read all the reports, downloaded all the checklists, and lost sleep over all the dire predictions about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You have all your consent and data collection ducks in a row, so it’s the perfect time to read our white paper and shift your mindset, start seeing GDPR marketing compliance as a positive, for both you and your customers.


GDPR compliance isn’t about curtailing your initiatives to avoid huge penalties; it’s an adjustment in approach that represents a huge opportunity to improve the customer experience.

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GDPR Marketing

In addition to an overview of the basic principles of GDPR marketing, we’ll show you how to:

GDPR Marketing

Embrace the transparency, security, and privacy enhancements that compliance will inspire — and the brand loyalty that will result

GDPR Marketing

Implement strategies to earn your customers’ trust and encourage them to share the data you need

GDPR Marketing

Optimize your marketing, transactional, and drip campaign emails to maximize the receipt of personal data consent

And that’s just a brief summary.

The white paper also covers the reasons it’s important you don’t forget about your non-EU customers. With high-profile security breaches on this side of the Atlantic – (we’re looking at you, Facebook) – similar legislation has already been passed in California, with other US states sure to follow. But even without any legislative imperative, your North American customers both expect and deserve the same level of data privacy and protection as their EU counterparts.

Learn how GDPR compliance helps you get a jump on the competition.

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gdpr marketing

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