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Enterprise organizations are centralizing transactional email content management across multiple teams, in order to:

  • Standardize email creation, approval, and publishing processes
  • Centralize accountability for regulatory compliance and reputation management
  • Establish and maintain brand consistency
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration to reduce dependency on developers

Our white paper outlines the challenges that lead to this push toward centralization.

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Learn how to implement solutions that:

email content management

Improve Security

Manage transactional email content independently of your codebase, deployment process, and customer data, to help preserve the integrity of all three

email content management

Increase Productivity

Streamline transactional email workflows to create, revise, and test content, including localizations, without involving developers or deploying code

email content management

Ensure Consistency

Centralize approval processes to establish standardized branding, email regulatory compliance, and reputation management across departments, divisions, and business units

email content management

And most importantly, solutions that improve communications and optimize customer experiences.

Our guide will help you shake up the status quo

Transactional emails are too often treated as an afterthought, which means the customers they reach, your existing customers, are also being treated as afterthoughts. Adjusting that mindset to prioritize communication with your most important customers is vitally important.

  • Transactional emails have an open rate  69% higher than regular marketing campaigns, with click-through rates as much as 164.6% higher
  • 86% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly

Yet despite these impressive statistics:

  • Only 13% of Enterprise marketing executives are realizing the full revenue potential of their existing customers

That’s a status quo that definitely needs to be shaken up.

Our white paper outlines both the challenges to doing so and their solutions.

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About Dyspatch:

Dyspatch is a cloud-based communications management platform that helps Enterprise organizations centralize the creation, approval, and publishing processes for transactional and triggered email. The powerful API, visual editor, and built-in device testing allow for cutting-edge email strategy and execution while helping establish consistency in both branding and legal compliance across multiple teams.