A Dyspatch Client Story

The Client

A global technology corporation with tens of thousands of employees worldwide and annual revenue in the billions.

The Challenge

As The Company began migrating product and service teams from classic to cloud-based email services, they recognized a need to standardize transactional and automated email template management across multiple teams.

Working in isolation, individual teams developed a variety of email creation processes and workflows that were often overly-complex and cumbersome. Non-technical content creators were too often reliant on already-taxed developers, which also made the process excessively time-consuming.

Additionally, with each team managing their own email workflows, inconsistencies became apparent and were difficult to address. These inconsistencies impacted everything from branding to legal compliance to reputation management.

The Solution

The Company realized that standardizing email template workflows and storage would allow them to centralize email expertise for multiple teams, simplifying the administration of:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Internal governance requirements
  • Branding consistency
  • Reputation, deliverability, and subscription management

Additionally, centralizing email expertise and template management would help streamline the entire email creation process, which would, in turn:

  • Reduce dependence on developer and designer resources
  • Increase workflow visibility
  • Save time on email production

Enter Dyspatch

The Company implemented Dyspatch to centrally manage email templates, with team Workspaces where templates and their associated localizations are organized. As part of the onboarding process, an administrator pre-loads each Workspace’s folders with the required templates, including  localizations.

The Company’s teams also rely heavily on Dyspatch Snippets, strings of saved code that allow common elements, such as headers or footers, to be easily shared between templates. Because Snippets are saved globally, they allow administrators to quickly and easily make across-the-board updates when necessary, such as for branding updates, regulatory changes, etc., ensuring consistency across all teams.

For each template update or new campaign, individual teams revise their own template content (copy, images, subject, etc.) within their Dyspatch Workspace, by the following process:

  • Create a duplicate of a base template – if testing, A and B versions are created
  • Edit content within the Dyspatch html/visual editor
  • Test/preview across multiple email clients and devices, right within the app
  • Because Dyspatch does not touch customer data, personalization/dynamic content is tested by providing sample data
  • Send test emails to specified addresses from within the app, using the ‘Send Preview’ feature, e.g. to self, stakeholders, administrators, etc.

The completed template is then submitted to an Organization Administrator or Workspace Owner for approval, who will receive notification. Once submitted, the revised template is locked down against further changes. And once approved, the template is immediately published and pushed into production via API.

To protect the production environment, published templates cannot be edited. However, revision histories make it easy to identify the source of any errors, adding a previously absent layer of accountability. And making additional changes simply means repeating the process, starting again with a duplicate of the base template.

The Result

With Dyspatch, The Company has significantly streamlined their email production workflows and reduced dependency on developers for email related tasks. This improved efficiency has led to an ability to test and optimize emails on a scale and at a pace that would previously have been impossible, particularly for transactional email, allowing teams to focus on improving customer engagement, driving growth, and increasing ROI.

In addition, The Company has centralized accountability for email content, establishing consistency in brand governance, regulatory compliance, and reputation management across dozens of teams, hundreds of end-users, and thousands of templates. And with Dyspatch’s capacity to scale, they’re just getting started.

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